Entry #37

Woman Charged with Raping Taxi Driver

2017-04-12 14:46:15 by Leidolfr

Apparently this woman and a man got into a cab, the man held a  knife to him, this woman sucked his dick, and then they stole 32 dollars from him.  That, that's cheaper than a hooker, and even has some added excitement, I'm not sure I would have told the cops about this one, especially because the woman looks like this:




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2017-04-12 17:11:55

i never knew women actually get so horny as to rape a man i always thought it was the other way round

Leidolfr responds:

she's tryin to claim the man with the knife was forcing her to when she got caught, but thats not how the cabdriver remembers it


2017-05-02 20:11:34

Congrats on being User of the Day today!

Leidolfr responds:

heh, thanks. Popularity is a heavy crown to wear.


2017-05-03 20:28:48

What a world

Leidolfr responds:



2017-06-01 20:33:37

10 bucks say she has some sort of mental illness.
Just look at that face.

Leidolfr responds:

my kinda woman


2017-06-02 06:57:49

Are you sure?
If you are then make sure you look for women with weird looking ears like her, bonus points if she has bags under her eyes like this one. i'm a face reader btw.

Leidolfr responds:

go to college for that did ya?


2017-06-02 17:38:42

Nah, just found a book somewhere and decided to give it a little read, turned out most of the info that i thought would be fake and retarded was 100% accurate.

Leidolfr responds:

you should study sarcasm when you do go to college


2017-06-09 04:07:44

Funny since i was being sarcastic earlier by acting like i'm taking this as "non-sarcasm" and you didn't seem to see that, and even funnier since it took you from Jun the 2nd up until now to respond and that's what you came up with.

Leidolfr responds:

i worked real hard on it, you're so worth the time


2017-06-09 20:39:49

Thnx bruh, appreciate the efferot