AnOtHeR gUiTaR vIdEo, HoLy FuCkIn ShIt!!!!!!!

2017-03-20 04:33:36 by Leidolfr

I got really drunk not long ago, and youll hear the rum coming out right about the end of the song, but with the spins i decided to flick on the camera, lean in all weirdly close like a drunk, and play this song from my childhood cuz, fuck your face, stop me.


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2017-03-24 13:11:22

I will stop you.

Four days, and the only comment is how you need to stop.

No, I didn't even watch the video.

You will be stopped.

One day, your mind and body will succumb to inherent entropy, and you will stop.

And I will claim credit.

Leidolfr responds:



2017-03-25 19:41:28

I watched the video.

You're using a capo.

You're not singing.

Is it really that important to be able to play in a higher key if you're not matching any other melody or harmony? Is your index finger incapable of bridging?

Leidolfr responds:

the song is played with a capo, that's how it's written in the book...