2017-03-09 05:28:54 by Leidolfr

I never post videos of me, but I recently saw a like 26 year old who still thought he was gonna be a rapper posting here,so I said you know, why not.  If you can play guitar, please respond accordingly, and enjoy the first ever viewing of my ugly ass in a prerecorded live stream.


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2017-03-09 09:27:08

you described everyone that has participated in that clabtrap thing

Leidolfr responds:

I don't know what that is, because, why would i.


2017-03-09 11:39:14

Aqua teens is my favorite show..

Leidolfr responds:

It better be.


2017-03-15 10:09:58

Youre pretty good, but you should get your hair checked, you're too young to go bald :D

Leidolfr responds:

It was the lighting and my greasy hair that day, but yeah, it's a little thin, always has been though really. THANKS, lol